About us

Easy Mosaic is dedicated on mosaic design and mosaic software development since year 1996. Our software are ranked top level in mosaic industry.

Our Main Software Product: Easy Mosaic Studio 2013. It contains the following titles:

Photo Mosaic Maker
This software can generate photo mosaic with your custom photo collections.
Easy edition is very easy, you can simpliy create any mosaic in few minutes, and print it to a poster. Great gift idea!
Advanced edition is designed for artist, you can create professonal quality mosaics for commercial usage.

Tile Mosaic Maker
Tile mosaic maker is designed for create traditional tile mosaic artwork. this tool help you convert any photo to a tile mosaic drawing, and output a construction worksheet for the software.
This software is widely used by interior designer, mosaic artist.

Cap Mosaic Maker
Cap Mosaic Maker
This is a sub branch of tile mosaic maker. We have many customer who love mosaic arts and beers. so they have thousands of bottle caps.
We designed this software to create mosaics, this software have rotate control and count control, which ensure a wonderful quality for limited count of caps.

Message Mosaic Maker
This is a special effect tool. It will color your text message and make it looks like a mosaic picture.


Our Service:

We provide custom design service for people who dont use mosaic softwares.

Photo Mosaic Maker
Photomosaicmaker.com will process small size mosaics in a fast procedure. basically you can get a mosaic designed by our artist with in 2 days. and since we have advance processing technology, the cost is really low. Simply visit photomosaicmaker.com and give a try.

Hard Mosaic
Well, sometimes, there are mosaic project which is not that EASY. If you want use 100,000 pictures to create a giant mosaic, we call it Hard Mosaic.
Hummmmm, it is hard for you. but easy for our experienced expert here. so, if you plan to do a hard mosaic, contact us at Hardmosaic@ezmosaic.com
We are going to launch a new website for hard projects, it will be hardmosaic.com, once it is online, we will update here.