Will the software work on my PC?

Our software works on most PC which running Windows system.
That is hard to tell since each PC is different. Nowadays it’s hard to make a software work on all machines. Anyway that’s why you have a demo version to download for every software you can buy from us. Just download it from the product page and test it as much as you want. Simply tell us if you have trouble with it and we will try to fix the problem so that the software works on your PC as well. Also let us know if you are missing some feature and we will added it on the next update.

Will the software work on MAC/Linux (anything other than Windows)?

No. All our software was build for Microsoft Windows 9X/XP/2000/Vista/7 or compatible. However you can try running our software with an emulator just like Wine for Linux or VMWare for Mac. That will almost work on every OS.

Can I run Easy Mosaic Studio on more than one PC?

It’s allowed as long as you don’t use the product at the same time on different PCs. If you do it will result in problems with the license checking algorithm and may result in random crashes. So if you plan to use a product at the same time on different PCs please create another user account.

Is is safe to use your service? Is my photos safe?

YES! during the render progress, we dont collect your photos.
Your photo’s color info will be calculated in your local pc, Each photo will generate a color info in few byte. and then we will only send the color data to our online render to calculate your mosaic. This solution ensure a fast transfer and rendering. Another reason is that we don’t need your photos and we don’t want use our diskspace to store them.

I have lost my license details. Can you send it?

Sure, that’s no problem. Simply send us some details of your order like order id or email or something where we can verify you.

I have tried to contact you by phone/email but no reply.

We are sorry for this. But we might live in a different time zone than you. We have also office closing times where we are not available at all (e.g. on weekends or holidays). We will contact you as soon as possible. Also note that the order process is fully independent. You can always order something since no interaction from us is required.