Photo Mosaic Maker

This tool help you create photomosaic with your own photo collections
Photo Mosaic Maker is designed for user who wants to create a better quality photomosaic.
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There are only 5 steps to create your mosaic:
1.  set your mosaic size
2. select your main image, select the perfed area.
3. preview of the mosaic cells.
4. load some photos from your own collection.
5. DONE.

And here are some advanced features:

A1. Support different cell shape.

a demo design by advanced photo mosaic maker
a demo design by advanced photo mosaic maker

A2. Different patterns, arrange your cells in a different way.

Different Cell Shapes and Patterns

A3. Support division mode. You can split a cell to small cells, this will help you get more details. and you can merge small cells together, to make a larger cell.

You can easily split cell to smaller one, to make the mosaic looks clear. and merge cells to a large one, to make the cell photo looks good there.
demo of divided cell mosaic

A4. Repeatation control.  a mosaic cell will not repeat more than the max value you set.  but a exception will be make if you dont have some cells are not covered by any photo.
A5. Cell range control. a mosaic cell will not use a photo near itself.

Our mosaic render engine can help you limit the repeat of a photo.


6. blablablabla. we are keep adding more functions.

To know more, why not discovery it yourself?
Down load Photo Mosaic Maker 2013 and try it now.
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More info will be posted to our discuss forum.