Cap Mosaic Render

Difficulty: Beginner Level.
Load your picture, Create a Cap Mosaic .
Download a free wallpaper, or Order a high res file for printing.


Cap Mosaic:

Cap Mosaic is a special form of Photo Mosaic. Each tile is a bottle cap. There are so many beverage brands and cap designs in the world. Caps is a great material source for mosaic projects. The cap mosaic can be designed as a digital picture, or assembled as a physical mosaic using real caps.

How It Works:

Here we have a online Cap Mosaic render. 

mosaic render

From This Render

  • Contact EzMosaic, Submit your test application.
  • EzMosaic will create an account and setup a render instance for you.
  • Import your own Cap collections.
  • We will provide a html code, your web designer can embed the render to your web page.
  • Now your visitor can access your web page and generate mosaic design.


Tutorial & Manual coming soon

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