Cap Mosaic

Cap Mosaic is a special type of Photo Mosaic.

The smallest unit is a round picture scanned from bottle caps.

There are two Type of Cap Mosaics.
1. Simulated Digital Design.
2. Real Cap Mosaics.

What is the difference? Edition Key Feature Download Free Trial Price $ USD Order now
Standard Edition Max 2000 pictures in photo lib.
Max 10000 cells in mosaic.
5 Shapes include Ellipse, Hexagon etc.
Normal and Cross Pattern 34.99$
Microsoft Store
Pro Edition Max 10000 pictures in photo lib.
Max 40000 cells in mosaic.
5 Shapes include Ellipse, Hexagon etc.
Normal, Cross, and Concentric Circles Pattern 195$
Microsoft Store

1. Color enchance disabled. You are not able to change picture color/brightness while making the mosaic. the Cap is printed ALREADY.
2. Rotation required. You may need to rotate the caps to find a best match.
3. Limited unit count. normally a cap mosaic contains 2000 to 4000 caps, and we can call it a large project. collect bottle caps is harder than buy tiles from mosaic dealer.
The advantage is that bottle caps have vary designs, you can easily collect over 200 different designs.