Caps Mosaic is a special type of Photo Mosaic.

In Caps Mosaic, The smallest unit is a picture of bottle caps.
The unit shape is round.
The pictures collection have many beautiful designs. you can easily collect over 200 different designs.

There are two Type of Caps Mosaics.
1. Simulated Digital Caps Mosaic.
2. Real Caps Mosaics.

What is the key point of Real caps mosaic and digital caps mosaic?

1. In Real Caps Mosaic, Color enchance are disabled. You are not able to change picture color/brightness while making the mosaic. the picture is printed on metal caps already.
In Digital Caps Mosaic, we can change the color little bit, and you can print the created mosaic picture to a poster.

2. In both type, Rotation are required. The render engine will rotate the caps to find a best match.

3. In Real Caps Mosaic, We have to limited the usage count of each unit. Normally a cap mosaic contains 2000 to 4000 caps. Collect bottle caps is harder than buy tiles from mosaic dealer.