Head Quater East Asia

Contact: Teddy. CTO.
SKYPE: EasyMosaic

Robot Dev Team & ShowRoom
Address: 29th XiJiaoZhi Road, JiuLongPo, ChongQing, CHINA
Support language: English, Chinese


Sales Office USA

Contact: Ben.
Office Address: Fontana, CA, USA
Support language: English


Subbranch of Arabic Region

Contact: Dr. Basima.
Office Address: Alexandria, Egypt.
Support language: Arabic

فرع الشركة في المنطقة العربية

مسؤولة الفرع : د. بسمة
عنوان الفرع : مدينة الإسكندرية – مصر
لغة الخدمة : اللغة العربية




Support is available by email from
Please be as specific as you can when reporting problems or errors. Specify the actions which lead to the problem and also include information about your operating system.

Feedback and suggestions for ezmosaic are always welcome.
please email to

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