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Mosaic is a decorative art form using ‘tesserae’ -small pieces of glass, marble, ceramic or stone- to create images or patterns. New materials and methods of making mosaics bring new life to the ancient art form, and increase its popularity. Some use photos as the tiles are called photomosaic, Some use bottle cap collections are called capmosaic.

EzMosaic work assoicated with different kinds of mosaics: Photo Mosaic, Tile Mosaic (tesserae mosaic), Cap Mosaic, Word Mosaic, Message Mosaic, and many others. Our software tools help you create all these mosaic projects easily.

Mosaic Design Software ->

Photo Mosaic Maker X9 (More Details)

Tile Mosaic Maker X9 (More Details)

Cap Mosaic Maker X9 (More Details)

Photo Maze Maker (More Details)

Geometric Mosaic. (More Details)

Mosaic Design Service and Project consultation ->

We provide design service and tech support to any case you working with.
Tile Mosaic: Design and Workplan
Photo Mosaic: Mural, Billboard, Poster, Yearbook
Cap Mosaic: Wallpaper, Poster, Framed Mosaic, etc.
And other applicable Mosaic projects.
Please send your inqury to:

High-speed Mosaic Assembly Robot ->

If your mosaic projects meet the following requirements:
You are using multiple colors (more than 20)
You are using small tiles, from 4x4mm to 20x20mm. (If you want to use larger tiles, we suggest the Cartisian Robot)
You are paying more than $15 for labor for 1 square meter of mosaic assembly.
Please send your inqury to:

Shopping for Mosaic Poster and Mural ->

Latest Development

Color Reducer

Color Reducer to generate reduced color code for tile producer
Reduced Color Code Samples.

Discrete Dot Mosaic Designer

Discrete Dot mosaic, for a cement project.