Easy Mosaic Studio 2013- Create Your First Photo Mosaic

This is the first tutorial of Easy Mosaic Studio.
Lets do a step by step project. and you will learn how to use the software very easily.

Run the software first.
You will see the interface. as we are using cloud render server, you need to connect to our server first.
this requires an user account. you need to create a new one if you dont have it. Create an account is free.

Login interface. account needed.

Now you can see the project picker. Easy Mosaic Studio allows you create different kind of mosaic projects. this is a collection of many Apps. and we are keep developing and adding new apps into our Easy Mosaic Studio.
At this moment, choose ‘Simple Photo Mosaic’ and then ‘Start Project’

This is the project picker interface.

Welcome to Photo Mosaic Maker.
Just click ‘Start new mosaic project’ button, beginner.

Photo Mosaic Maker welcome page

Click ‘Next’ button.
This step is very important, you need a folder to hold all files created for your mosaic project.
We dont need to change anything here. use default setting and go to next step.

A work folder is necessary for each project.

In most case, larger project always give you better output.
Lets use a poster as our first project. Some beginner get dispointted by their first project, because they choose a small size, which is not suitble for most mosaic project.
Remember, If you want a happy result, go start a larger project first!

Choose mosaic project size.

Main image is the picture that you wish your mosaic looks like.
The KEY is, Less DETAILS!
A simple picture works much better than a complicated picture.
A FACE always works better than a group of people!
For your first project, try choose a picture which contains only one person.
And use the crop tool to select his or her face ONLY.
Then goto next step.

Now lets load a main image

Now we will see the cell preview,
Our software will divid your main image into many cells, as you set in the size picker page.
The key is, compare the main image overview (top left) and cell overview (bottom left). if they looks close, it means you have enough cells.
basically, if your cell overview looks good, you can goto next step.
If you think it is not clear enough, try change your main image, select smaller area from the source.
Or enlarge your mosaic project.
Now lets goto next step.

Now lets see how your main image works.

Now we come to the Cell Image Loader.
Cell images are the small tiles which build your final mosaic.
The KEY is, load as many as you can collect.
For your first project, I suggest you load 200 or more photos. But dont load more than 500, we need a fast result.
The cell image loader will crop loaded pictures automatically. they are copied to your workpath, so it won’t change your original picture files.
Once you loaded enough photos, Click ‘Make Mosaic’ button.
And then wait.

Load the cell images.

In most case, if you following my guide, you should get a mosaic done within 3 minutes.

It usually take only few minutes to finish a mosaic project.

———-The mosaic render is working……————–

Ah, It is done. Lets see what we got.


Hummmm. let enlarge it a little bit. focus on body area.

now we can see small cells.

Ok, let see the full size of cells. see if they looks good enough.

full size

Well, it is ready for printer. you can copy the picture file to a print shop and ask them print it for you.
Thats all. thanks for working with me.
I hope you like your first photo mosaic project.

See you later.