Tile Mosaic

Mosaic is a traditional decorative art form, using ‘tesserae’ -small pieces of glass, marble, ceramic or stone- to create images or patterns. When viewed at low magnifications (at distance), the individual tiles appear as the Main Image. Depends on complexity of Main Image, a mosaic project has hundreds or thousands of tiles.

Tile Mosaic is a form of traditional mosaics. Factories now using machines to produce small tile in regular shape. Artist and hobbyist can purchase thousands of tiles from mosaic store, and use them to make their own tile mosaics.

Tile Mosaics are widely used in Interior and Exterior design. 
Typical cases: Pool, Plaza, Ground, Floor, Mural and other projects.

Tile Mosaic for indoor pool.
Tile Mosaic for indoor pool.
Complete overview of above mosaic project.
Workplan sheet of above mosaic project.

It was hard to design a Tile Mosaic in the past. Designing mosaic need experience and skill. Our mosaic software make everything simple now.

By using Tile Mosaic Maker, you can turn any photo or picture to an excellent mosaic design. Besides the mosaic design itself, you will get more info which will help you turn it to a real mosaic.

tile mosaic, flower, ceramic tiles

Shape and Pattern samples

Grid Pattern, Rectangle Shape by tilemosaicmaker
Grid with horz offset, by tilemosaicmaker
Grid pattern, Hex shape. by tilemosaicmaker
Circle pattern, Olive shape, by tile mosaic maker.
Circle Pattern, Mirrored Pave shape.
Circle pattern, Regular Brick shape
Spiral pattern, Egg shape
Spiral Pattern, Hex shape
Spiral pattern, Rhombus shape