Easy Mosaic helps you to create high quality photo mosaics easily.

Current released Features
1.Photo Mosaic Maker, use your photo collection to make a photomosaic
2.Tile Mosaic Maker, help you convert your draw to a tile mosaics, and generate mosaic plan.
3.QRcode mosaic, It is a fun project which helps you generate a QRCODE, but it is using photos.

Features Coming soon
Text Mosaic.
Message Mosaic.
Photo Mosaic Maker Pro with more advanced options.
Dot Mosaic Generator.

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Easy Photo Mosaic Maker home edition:
Perfect Gift Idea

Latest version : V12.0(Nov. 2012)
Home edition allows user to create poster size photomosaics.
If you wish to make a mosaic as personal gift, It’s your best choice.
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Easy Mosaic Professional Edition:
Start Your Business

Latest version : V8.33 (Nov. 2009)
Pro edition allows you to load more photos and create larger photomosaics.
Start your business, provide mosaic design service to your clients.

Easy Mosaic Machine

This is a render computer embedded an automatic mosaic engine, with one/two operator, this machine will generate 200 photomosaics per day. If you have big business, and need a stable production, This would be a solution.
This product is under beta testing now…