Easy Photo Mosaic Maker – Home edition

Create your photo mosaic within few minutes. It wont be any easier!

Easy Photo Mosaic Maker is the best tool for you to create a mosaic gift. There are several mosaic software exist in the world, but you wont find anyone easier than our product.

The latest version: Easy Photo Mosaic Maker V12

It is very simple to use.
1. Select a size for your mosaic project.
2. Load a main image for your mosaic, the software will help you crop it.
3. Load some more photos for the cells, easy mosaic will crop them automatically.
4. Press a button and wait for the final result. the generated mosaic is saved as a picture file, you can print it and publish it.
Isn’t it easy enough?

Interface of Easy Photo Mosaic Maker home edition V12

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If you are looking for previous version, please check our download center.