Tile Mosaic Robot

Typical tile mosaic projects for ground, plaza and pool may have more than 100,000 tiles. I’ve done one with 1,200,000 tiles.

At the beginning of a mosaic project, client contact mosaic artist to get a design, a series of effect drawing are rendered for demonstration.
Once the design is confirmed, it will be sent to mosaic manufacturer, divided into multiply pages, typical page size is 40x40cm. Each page contains hundreds or over 1,000 tiles, workers will manually assemble tiles to pages with textile or paper base.
Then the pages will be delivered to field, and experienced worker will mount them to target zone. The mosaic project is done.

It is extremely time consuming to assemble mosaic tiles. A skilled labor can finish no more than 10,000 mini tiles per day. Mini tile means 8x8mm, 10x10mm, 15x15mm or similar size. The speed will be slow down if large tiles are used. A skilled labor can work with 1500-2000 40x40mm tiles per day.

That is our reason to start research and develop an automatic mosaic mounting system.

There are 3 type of robots are suitable for a Mosaic System. CARTESIAN Robot, SCARA Robot and DELTA Robot.

Robot Type Comparison

TypeLoadWork AreaControl/DevelopSpeedCost
CARTESIAN Small-LargeMiddle-LargeEasyNormalCheap
$5000 to $15000
$10000 to $30000
DELTASmall-MiddleSmall-Middle HardVery FastNormal-High
$20000 to $50000

Mosaic Robot / Human Comparison

In the comparison, we use a standard mosaic robot, which equals 3 worker’s assemble speed. The robot needs one worker to feed and watch.

Cost of Recruiting Labor SalaryBusy SeasonDull Season
Mosaic RobotOne time purchase fee$500-$1000 Easy to add new robot.Shut down,
no additional cost.
x 3
Recruiting Ads,
Interview, etc
$1500-$3000 Hard to add new labor.
Others need labor too.
Pay basic salary to workers,
otherwise you have to fire them.

Our Mosaic Robot

This is our first Mosaic Robot. Tile Mosaic Robot SE.

Tile Mosaic Robot, this is a Studio Edition, it have 48 colors of tiles.
This robot have a gravity feeders group.
A worker is feeding tiles before start Mosaic Robot
Tile Mosaic Robot is working.
Build the mosaic robot.

Mosaic Robot OS

To work with Mosaic Robot, you need to use two apps.
1. Tile Mosaic Maker, the design tool. it helps you create mosaic design, and export work data for Robot Controller.
2. Mosaic Robot Controller. It read the mosaic data, and drive the robot arms to pick tiles from tile storage, and place them to mosaic base panel.

The design software: Tile Mosaic Maker
Mosaic is divided to multiple pages,
each page has a data file and a thumbview.
Mosaic Robot Control Interface.
The Robot Core running on PCs with Windows7/ Window10 System.

Buy one Mosaic Robot, or Build one.

  1. We are selling the Mosaic Robot. This is a highly customize order, every client who wants to purchase a Mosaic Robot must contact our team first, to determine their system requirement.
  2. And we selling core parts to user who wants to build their own Mosaic Robot. This options requires experiences of robotic engineer and mechnical mechanical .
  3. info@ezmosaic.com

Support Other Manufacturer’s Robots

Our Tile Mosaic Maker can generate G-code and M-code, this is very common for industry robot montion controller.
Tile Mosaic Maker can output text files in customize format too. developers can convert these file to a code which their robot can understand.