Photo Maze Maker

This tool generate randomize Maze, and render specified photo / picture to the maze wall. When viewed at low magnifications (at distance), the individual walls appear as the Main Image.

Photo Maze Maker interface.
Photo Maze Demo

Key features.

  1. Maze Maker has a Difficulty Level control. You can create very simple maze, or very complicate maze.
  2. Maze Maker can generate Huge Maze, the largest maze can hold 160,000 cells.
  3. Output digital picture of maze for printing purpose, such as poster, cover design, postcard etc.
  4. Output vector file for artcraft making purpose.

Get Photo Maze Maker software

Available at Microsoft Store:
Mac Store:
coming soon

Photo Maze Samples

Photo Maze, Che Guevara, Photo-Etched on Bronze.

Finishing Service

Print: you can take the digital file to any local print shop to get it done.
Engraving: We can engrave your maze on wood, stones and other materials.
Photo-Etched Sheets: we can do it on Steel, Brass, Bronze and other materials.

Contact for more details.